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Communication agency or graphic studio?

Kamoo Studio: graphic studio or communication / advertising agency?

This is the question we have been faced with time and time again.

Is the difference between the 2 terms important? And where to place Kamoo Studio?

  • the possibility of creating numerous communication supports
  • a (certain) level of creativity
  • helps create an advertising memory
  • responds efficiently to the client’s request

The graphic studio

  • consists mainly of creative people (art director, graphic designer, developer, project managers, …)
  • specialized in the technical aspect
  • will create projects around your company’s brand image
  • will focus solely on the message to be conveyed

The communication agency

  • is not only composed of creative people, but also of marketing specialists, sales people, media planners, …
  • specialized in the strategic aspect will focus more on the consumer, the type of communication and marketing
  • will determine a message to be conveyed and try to bring its expertise to convey it

The importance of words

In the collective imagination, a graphic studio will not respond as well as a communication agency to the needs of a medium-sized website or advertising campaign. Why? Because of its size or its structure.

And Kamoo Studio in all this?

The expertise acquired by each member of Kamoo Studio during their individual professional experiences allows us to respond as well to a request for logo creation, to a support (or even a training) on social networks, to a project follow-up and the creation of a complete communication strategy.

The question is not where to place Kamoo Studio because we have the creativity of a graphic studio and the marketing expertise of a communication agency but rather how we want to be perceived and how to keep our values, the starting point of our company.

The most important thing is to show your capabilities and, on the client’s side, to start trusting a small company that will (often) meet your needs better than a large structure.

It all depends on what you are looking for and the level of support you want.

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