At Kamoo®, we have been bringing our experience to your print, web and video projects in Luxembourg, France and Europe for more than 6 years.


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A graphic studio oriented branding & design

Brand identity

We create a visual identity according to your requests and your domain.

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Because we love bringing your ideas to life and creating unforgettable entertainment.

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Visibility on social networks

Quality banners, YouTube thumbnails and story templates to optimize your brand image.

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We offer you varied and surprising ideas to make your paper creations unique.

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Editing existing videos, interviews or professional shots, we will be able to accommodate you.

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Communication strategy

Thanks to us, reach your target audiences and achieve your objectives! We define each step for optimal support.

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Web & App design

Being visible on the internet is inevitable, but you still need to know the codes.

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Motion design et 3D

Des images, des vidéos, des typographies et des sons pour créer une expérience immersive.

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We know our field of activity and we love sharing its secrets through our captivating training courses.

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Together, let's forge a distinctive and recognizable brand image

The term “brand” is too often overused. It is important to understand that a logo does not represent your brand or your identity. Branding involves a comprehensive process that requires a thorough understanding of the emotional and physical aspects of your business. We will guide you to this understanding and together we will create a successful brand.

With Kamoo Studio®, benefit from the experience of real design experts who will accompany you in the creation and implementation of an identity that will meet your expectations.

Together, let's create the website of your dreams

A website or an online store is much more than just a showcase for your business. It is an extension of your brand and an opportunity to create a memorable user experience for your potential customers. We understand the importance of a well designed website that meets the needs of your business. We are here to help you create a website or online store that reflects the essence of your brand while being effective in increasing your sales.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to understand your needs and goals to create a customized solution for your business.

Together, let's create a winning video combining our expertise and your vision

Corporate video and motion design offer a way to communicate messages in an engaging and memorable way. They can be used to present products, services, customer testimonials and even company success stories. It has been proven that companies that invest in these visual tools are better positioned to effectively communicate with their audience, reinforce their brand image and stand out from the competition.

Kamoo Studio® will assist you in creating an exceptional video, designed to effectively convey your message to your audience.

If you have a project, an idea or simply a question, we will gladly answer it. Our offices are open every day from Monday to Friday: we can easily meet!