At Kamoo®, we have been bringing our experience to your print, web and video projects in Luxembourg, France and Europe for more than 6 years.


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Kamoo Studio®

helps startups, entrepreneurs and your company unlock the power of their brand and take it to the next level.

Do you have an idea in mind? You have a project and you want it to happen? Do you think you can improve people’s lives with a concept or an idea?

It was in response to these questions that we launched Kamoo Studio® 6 years ago.

And it is with this in mind that we have decided to help you realize your dream, your concept or to help your company take the next step. How? By sharing our experience with you.

We are creators of !!

We help entrepreneurs, startups and companies create, develop and improve their image to support their growth.

Reveal your full potential

With Kamoo Studio®, benefit from the experience of real design experts who will accompany you in creating your brand identity and improving your product.

For Kamoo Studio®, support is at the heart of our values.

Thus, we will accompany you step by step to save you time, alert you to mistakes to avoid and show you how to be as efficient as possible.

You will also benefit from our network of contacts: professionals from different sectors who share our vision of entrepreneurship and our values of work well done.

Our added value is clear: where some will only provide advice, we add our experience, our graphic skills and our network to give a real added value to your project because the image of a brand of a company is as important as the service or product it offers.

A one-time investment to create a lasting emotional experience that will propel you faster and further than your competitors.

Our offers

From idea to launch

Offer 1 - Kamoove your idea

1 500
  • 4 appointments of 30min over a maximum period of 2 months in order to refine your project: research on the name, competitors, target audience, viability of the project on the medium and long term, possibility of evolution of the project
  • Define a complete and coherent presentation of your company by highlighting its values and assets
  • Establishment of an action plan (roadmap) month by month over a period of at least one year
  • An accompaniment in the creation and follow-up of your administrative procedures (French, Belgian or Luxembourgish)
  • Addition of the realization pack at the end of the offer possible

From idea to realization

Offer 2 - Kamoove your brain

3 500
  • Entire offer 1
  • Creation of a unique logo, in your image (delivered in print and web formats)
  • The creation of your business cards (printing included standard format 250ex - requests for special achievements in addition)
  • Purchase of a unique domain name (possibility to add some including extra fees)
  • You can choose between the creation and hosting of a simple website (one page) presenting your company or the creation of a QR Code sending back to a contact page including links to your website, the address of your company (with google map) and social network links
  • The presentation to our partners and to our network of contacts related to your sector of activity
  • Addition of the communication pack at the end of the offer possible

From idea to communication

Offer 3 - Kamoove your interaction

5 500
  • Complete offers 1 and 2
  • Creation of a complete brand identity (including a compelte pdf)
  • Creation and hosting of a complete website presenting your company with up to 5 different pages in 1 language (multilingual and e-commerce option in addition)
  • Assistance in writing the content of your website and your first 2 posts on social networks
  • Complete creation of the different profiles of your company on the appropriate social networks (including texts and visuals)
  • 1 training on best practices for communication on selected social networks

Company special offer

Company Offer - Kamoove your brand

You want to give your communication a boost? Does your company's image no longer suit you or do you simply want to give it a boost in order to gain new market shares? Kamoo Studio® offers you the solution to this problem with this pack.

ask for a quote
  • We do a complete check-up of your current communication
  • We analyze your competitors and growth markets
  • We offer you a complete assessment and a detailed plan of development possibilities
  • We imagine your new image and your new way of communicating
  • We accompany and train your teams to make this new step a success
  • We offer our expertise in the fields of print, web and video for unique creations to achieve the objectives you have asked us

Together, let's create a recognizable brand that people want to love from the start.

  • Logo Benu Village - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo Ag2r La Mondiale Europartner - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo BIL Luxembourg - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo Gouvernement Grand Duché Luxembourg - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo PWC - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo Dynamik - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo Enatix - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo Luxflag - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo D&D Group - client Kamoo Studio®
  • Logo Redwire Space Europe - client Kamoo Studio®